Looper [DVD Release]

2012 Directed and Written by; Rian Johnson Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels It’s 2044 and time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but in thirty years time it will have been- and would be immediately outlawed and incredibly illegal. Only high end Mafia-like mob bosses control its use in the form … Continue reading


2012 Directed by Steven Spielberg – Written by Tony Kushner Starring; Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Let’s begin… The important actors, the names to which the hype was made for, the ones who everyone goes to see are indeed superb. Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood, 2007) and … Continue reading

2012 – Awards Nominees

The past year has been another great one for cinema. It seems for a while there was a drought of years for great films, but, the start of this decade has produced a couple of crackers, 2012 being no exception. Below are our nominees for 2012 – the winners of which will be sent awards … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises – Ending Explained by Michael Caine

The ending to one of the greatest films of the year has been a bit up for debate, were they really there, or, was it the imagination of an old grieving butler? We could say that it’s up for each audience member to read it their own way and be fine with that, but there … Continue reading