News – Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice, a noir-esque novel set in Los Angles and on its way to the silver screen will reunite director Paul Thomas Anderson with outstanding method actor Joaquin Phoenix. The two collaborated in The Master (2012), creating one of the best films either of us had seen here in a long time. First choice to … Continue reading

2012 – Awards Nominees

The past year has been another great one for cinema. It seems for a while there was a drought of years for great films, but, the start of this decade has produced a couple of crackers, 2012 being no exception. Below are our nominees for 2012 – the winners of which will be sent awards … Continue reading

The Master

2012 Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson – Written by Paul Thomas Anderson Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams Let me start by telling you that upon leaving the theatre after seeing this film, I was lost for words. So, how to find the words now. I shall start with cinematography. This film … Continue reading