News – Mr. Stefan Kudelski Passes Away

Today, NAGRA published a press release on the sad loss of Stefan Kudelski, who passed away on the 23rd of this month. Kudelski is the inventor of the first portable professional recording device, a device which is not only still used today, but is renowned by soundies across the planet. Their press release follows. Death … Continue reading

News – Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice, a noir-esque novel set in Los Angles and on its way to the silver screen will reunite director Paul Thomas Anderson with outstanding method actor Joaquin Phoenix. The two collaborated in The Master (2012), creating one of the best films either of us had seen here in a long time. First choice to … Continue reading

The Academy Get It Wrong Again

Once again The Academy has announced their nominations and once again they’ve gotten it wrong. The winners are pretty much already decided; the omissions are as offensive as ever, and, for another year at least, I have no respect for the Oscar. Let’s have a quick look at their choices this time around. Best Picture … Continue reading

Happy New Year

Happy new year all. Thank you so much for taking the precious time out of your lives to visit and read our website. Every second you spend with us is much appreciated and we really hope you find what we post worth returning for. We’ve all enjoyed our first month online and hope 2013 proves … Continue reading

Our Thoughts To Sir Ian McKellen

It has been revealed that the great and much loved, sir Ian McKellen has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. After keeping his fight against the disease a secret for “six or seven years”, McKellen has decided to speak out. Although living with the cancer over this time, he has admitted to not yet undergoing any … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises – Ending Explained by Michael Caine

The ending to one of the greatest films of the year has been a bit up for debate, were they really there, or, was it the imagination of an old grieving butler? We could say that it’s up for each audience member to read it their own way and be fine with that, but there … Continue reading

The Justice League – Set To Fail?

After years of stops and starts there has finally been a definite green light given to a Justice League movie, DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s Avengers, set for the summer of 2015. It’s not surprising really, with The Avengers (2012) and all it’s affiliated films doing outrageously well with still more to come can you blame … Continue reading

Gareth Evans

Something we like to celebrate here is home grown talent, we all believe this little island of ours is packed with great film makers – Alfred Hitchcock? Ridley Scott? Danny Boyle? Malcolm Le Grice? Ken Loach? Robert W. Paul? Charlie Chaplin? Mike Leigh? And these are just directors off the top of my head, we … Continue reading

American Late Releases

I grew up with the pain of having to sit by and endure that awful torture when a film is released over in America, then we over here are bombarded with teasers and spoilers until we get our opening date. But it seems no more – why? ‘The Avengers’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘The … Continue reading

Future Shorts – Spring Season

This is the medium I deal with as an aspiring film maker, we learn the trade using the short form before moving in to the industry to work on features. However, despite it being the common belief, short film is much more than a step on the ladder used by students and amateurs. If features … Continue reading