The Academy Get It Wrong Again


Once again The Academy has announced their nominations and once again they’ve gotten it wrong. The winners are pretty much already decided; the omissions are as offensive as ever, and, for another year at least, I have no respect for the Oscar.

Let’s have a quick look at their choices this time around.

Best Picture

Major omission – The Master

Ridiculous yet predictable choice – Life of Pi

Obvious winner – Lincoln


Major omissions – Paul Thomas Anderson and Quentin Tarantino

Ridiculous yet predictable choice – Ang Lee

Obvious winner – Steven Spielberg

Actor In A Leading Role

Major omissions – All the best performances other than Joaquin Phoenix

I couldn’t call their choices ridiculous, rather, simply wrong.

Obvious winner – Daniel Day-Lewis

Actress In A Leading Role

Here, they’ve given a fair selection. However, there are quite simply two winners here, Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhane Wallis, neither of which, sadly, will win.


This is a sorry state of affairs; two films expertly shot on 70mm film have been ignored in The Master and Samsara. Wally Pfister of the Dark Knight series has been uncharastically and sadly ignored. Who ‘beat’ them? Roger Deakins and Claudio Miranda. Joke.

It’s as though they enjoy putting a middle finger up to the film industry. The biggest awards that can be won are decided by a vote of over 6,000 – that 6,000 is made up of people like Rupert Murdoch and Dakota Fanning… What exactly do they know about film?

If you’re as frustrated year in, year out as we are with this whole load of bull, then remember, there are many other awards ceremonies that deserve your attention, credible ones at that.

Also be sure to check out our nominations for the year – the winners from which will be announced soon.

– Kieran Stanworth

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