Seven Psychopaths



Directed by Martin McDonagh – Written by Martin McDonagh

Staring: Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken.

Where to start with this one… Well, Marty (Colin Farrell, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2009) is finding it hard to write his next screenplay, he has this idea of using Seven Psychopaths; whilst struggling to come up with some characters to be his psychopaths, a rather quirky friend named Billy (Sam Rockwell, Iron Man 2 2010) has a few ideas for him. The film is full of great little twists involving a wise old man, Hans (Christopher Walken, Catch Me if You Can 2002) and is clever how the characters eventually all meet the hard-ass, mobster bad guy, Charlie (Woody Harrelson, Seven Pounds 2008).

From this all-star cast, the only thing you would expect is a great outcome, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Each one of them was highly entertaining, making you laugh and cringe at the same time, but mostly laughing. Farrell was very good in the film, although not the best, but good all the same. He is in his native accent of Irish rather than his usual attempt of the standard American accent. It works brilliantly for the comedic effect of the film and he seemed more comfortable. Christopher Walken’s character, Hans, is the epic old man. He brings a lot of humour to this twisted film but also a lot of logic to help us understand Billy better. He gave a great performance and one I will be forever quoting. Definitely have never seen Walken in a role quite like this before and if I may say so, I think he needs more like it. Harrelson as ever, is amazing, taking part in making jokes and being the usual complete badass he is. Giving a hilarious performance almost being me to tears of joy at more than one point throughout the film.

I know I haven’t spoken a lot about Sam Rockwell but I have been saving the best for last. Rockwell’s performance of Billy was well and truly incredible, full of pure lunacy and without a doubt, psychopathic. This is not the first time Rockwell has played the insane lunatic he also played Wild Bill in The Green Mile (1999). Billy being the catalyst of how the story develops and brings everyone together, it is a big role to do. But Rockwell nailed it, taking the film to a whole new level of genius. I can not describe how brilliant he is and how much he made he made everyone in the cinema laugh no matter how inappropriate the scene may be, you will be wetting you panties.

Overall I though the film was shit… Jk jk. The film was brilliant and a shame it is McDonagh’s last film. I would love to see more from him. I was laughing from the beginning to the end and was extremely pleased I went to see it. A 100% definite watch for anyone.


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