Ben Affleck in Argo


Directed by Ben Affleck – Written by Chris Terrio

Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman

Right, Argo is Ben Affleck’s new film which he directed and starred in and this is very important. Firstly, because it has appeared on a number of top ten film lists for this year and it’s the difficult third album, but it’s really a film! I know it’s confusing so let’s trudge on through.

The film follows a group of Americans working at the American embassy in Iran – after the embassy is ransacked the group escapes to the Canadian embassy. Here it is up to the C.I.A and Ben Affleck to bring them back under the rouse of a film production.

I want to start with the bad points, there are only a few and its best to get them out of the way now so I can express my love for this film in the rest of the review. Firstly, there is a sub plot between Affleck and his son that I feel is not explored enough, ignored apart from during key moments, this makes me wonder if it’s really necessary at all. Secondly, this film has a lot of back story and history to it, and if you are not American, Iranian or know about the history then there will be moments when you will be a bit confused. I know I was.

Now that that’s done let’s get on to the good stuff. This film is amazing, it is so nice to see Affleck move out of his comfort area and try something new and different. His earlier films revolved around characters and places he was familiar with, but now he’s moved into the realm of foreign policy, war and even a bit of spy. The ability to create tension within this film is unbelievable, from a crowd banging on a car full of people to whether or not John Goodman is going to answer a telephone or not. This film does keep you on the edge of your seat and you really do want the characters to escape.

The acting is solid and great across the board. Affleck plays the C.I.A well and despite the lack of story you do feel the emotional connection to his son. Bryan Cranston is always a joy to watch and always impresses me with his performance, he’s strict and to the point, but at the same time he does care as you will see in the film with his star moment. Although John Goodman and Alan Arkins’ screen time is limited, they are fun to watch as examples of an earlier Hollywood and the banter they create. The film does not really focus on the group of trapped Americans, only showing snippets of their lives in solitude, but you do feel for them and their plight and wish they escape.

Overall this film is of an A Class and deserves to be watched by everyone. However, in the category of whether or not it is a 2012 top ten listing, I am not so sure because of the story and the type of film it is. But please watch it and see for yourself.


– James McLintock

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