Future Shorts – Spring Season

This is the medium I deal with as an aspiring film maker, we learn the trade using the short form before moving in to the industry to work on features. However, despite it being the common belief, short film is much more than a step on the ladder used by students and amateurs. If features are the novels of the industry, then petit cinema is where you find the short stories and the poetry of the industry.

Some of my favourite films of all time are as short as under five minutes; ‘Artistic Creation’ (1901) being one of the most fascinating, ‘Nuit Blanche’ (2009) being one of the most romantic. As the industry becomes more and more commercialised, short film remains one place artistic freedom can still thrive. Le petit cinema should be a staple for any lover of film.

I attended a Future Shorts film festival this week and shall report on the highlights. Hopefully this article will open a new door in to a different cinematic world for you; start with these films and then go on to explore for yourself, you’ll not be disappointed. And of course, if you’d like any more pointers, do get in touch.

‘Bear’ 2011: A very funny black comedy that will catch you off guard, and then catch you off guard a second time. Written and directed by Nash Edgerton, stunt man for 103 titles including both The Matrix and Star Wars franchises. 5/5

‘Venus’ 2012: From Denmark comes this claymation film that plays out as an erotic comedy. Made by Tor Fruergaard, animation director from the National Film School of Denmark. This will have you in stitches, genitals everywhere. 4/5

‘Mourir Auprès de Toi’ 2011: This submission is from director Spike Jonze, ‘Where the Wild things Are’ (2009) and ‘Being John Malkovich’ (1999). A stop-motion film that takes place at night in a book shop, the covers come to life and two characters happen to fall in love. 4/5

‘The Arm’ 2012: Slick, funny, to the point and bang up to date. A short social commentary written by a female trio, telling the story of a couple who embark on a relationship through text messaging only to realise it wasn’t a real relationship when one of them dies. 5/5

‘Love You More’ 2007: Inspired from the Buzzcocks song of the same name, this is a story of two punk lovers coming together through music back in 1978. Despite not being close to alive back then, this film is as nostalgic as you can get, reminds me of times in my life and comes with obviously a great soundtrack. 4/5

‘L’Homme Sans Tete’ 2003: Taking four years to make this piece is technically astounding. A headless man goes shopping for what he’s missing when the woman he loves agrees to accompany him to the ball. Very touching but seems to lack a little something. Still, a great short and definitely worth a watch. 3/5

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