Directed by Aleksander Nordaas – Written by Aleksander Nordaas

Starring: Silje Reinámo, Erlend Nervold and Jon Sigve Skard

I managed to grab a viewing of this film and had to let you know about it. This Norwegian offering is based around a mythical character from Nordic folklore, the Huldra. It’s said to have beautiful womanly attributes and sings a beautiful song to lore the male villagers in to the woods for them never to be seen again; Huldra is like a mermaid, though instead of being half fish it has a cow like tail.

To get your head around what to expect think another Norwegian folklore film, Troll Hunter (2010) – and isn’t that such a great film. I HAVE TO REPORT THIS IS SET FOR AN AMERICAN REMAKE. FUCK SAKE AMERICA!

Cleverly, the film opens with a couple of full on gory scenes. Why clever? We all want to see a bit of gore and this opening satisfies that want, it also gets it out of the way early as way too many films are ruined by their focus on having more gore than the last. This audience desire is fulfilled from the off and from there we’re able to move on and divert attention to the film.

Now, this film is so low budget that Aleksander Nordass served as the writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor and even operated camera. Despite this though the special effects are surprisingly good, especially considering the budget.

I can’t recommend this enough so be sure to check out the trailer and make sure you see this somehow somewhere.

Hopefully Norway will be delving in to their rich and abundant chest of folk tales again soon to send us some more great films.


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