The Imposter


Directed by Bart Layton


One tragic day a child goes missing in Texas, the family is obviously distraught and never stops searching. Three years later, the now 16 year old is found in Europe and quickly returned home. Though, something is wrong, as the time passes doubts set in as to whether this is really the person he says he is, it’s not their child. So, is this a good idea for a film? No. Based on a true story? No. This is a documentary.

This story is something so absurd it would have been chucked away the second it turned up on a script. It really requires at times a suspension of belief, remind yourself this really happened. A highlighting of the dangers of going in to something wanting to believe, if you go wanting to then you ultimately will despite the events that occur.

You’ll leave not knowing what to think or who to believe; you almost can’t trust the documentary. It terms of subject matter we are offered two main ones, first the family, who you’ll really suspect aren’t telling all they know, second a con artist and pathological liar.

You could argue this is not strictly a documentary due to a lot of re-enactments used to help tell the story. But fact is, this is telling a true story and exploring whys.

Hmm, I think the parents are in the wrong, but I’m not sure. How about you?


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