Searching For Sugar Man


Directed by Malik Bendjelloul


Imagine having the status equal to that of Paul McCartney in England, but in a country on the other side of the world and having no idea about it. Two versions of you, one that has slipped in to obscurity where you slogged away to make a name and another where you’re a mega star. This is the reality of 1970s rocker Rodriquez, a nobody who happens to be one huge somebody in South Africa.

The rumours say he committed gruesome suicide years back but truth is nobody is sure what happened to him. In a technology fuelled world where you can find out anything about anything his devoted fans can find nothing out about this man. Solution, two of these hard core fans set out to find answers and end up discovering a story nobody thought possible.

This icon of South Africa, the voice of hope during times of the apartheid who changed likely millions of lives is not even recognised in his home town of Detroit, a birth place of many things good in the music universe. The entire soundtrack is provided by Rodriquez himself, perfect, the cinematography is excellent and hand on heart, in a cinema situated in this country, come the end of the film about half the attendance were teary.

This Dylan-esque musician deserves to be in everybody’s collection and this documentary should definitely be seen by any fan of music. May have an award on the cards.


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