Batman: What Next?

And there you have it people, Nolan’s trilogy has just reached its brilliant climax. Three films that were each better than the one before. All other Batman films have been blown out of the water, along with probably all other superhero movies.

So, with a Justice League movie coming for 2015 which obviously needs Batman, a Batman which will come from a fresh reboot likely before the superheroes join forces but being said to come out 2016, we have to acknowledge whoever is taking on the task has their work cut out for them. To reboot one of our favourites so close to Nolan’s outstanding interpretation is a tall ask.

Here’s a countdown of ways I think the reboot can not only hold its own, but maybe even improve – wishful thinking.

9. Bring some humour. Clearly nobody wants a comedy, but Bruce Wayne is pretty funny, with humour normally coming from his interaction with friends. This side of the character isn’t featured in the first two Nolan films – and maybe over played in the third – but it’s essential for Batman and always welcomed.

8. Casting. Christian Bale has been a brilliant Bruce Wayne, no doubt about it; sadly though it grates on me a bit that I just see Patrick Bateman when I look at him. I don’t want this happening next time – though I realise this may just be me.

7. Forget the origin. I think bacteria know what happened to Bruce’s parents. Save the screen time and put it to better use. It’s really not essential.

6. Keep it real. Taking a turn back to the fantastical side definitely will not be a turn for the better. However, with all hero movies being grounded, flawed, darker now it could be a very fresh instalment. Though I doubt it.

5. Leslie Thompkins. Leslie is the care worker who initially cared for Bruce after the death of his parents (There is a second story for her). She runs a clinic for criminals and drug addicts and Batman visits her the same night every year as a reminder for what he fights for. A very significant character not yet brought to the screen – Nolan used Gordon.

4. No Joker. Although this may be my favourite villain from all the comics; going up against Heath Ledger’s portrayal is going to be tough whoever does it next, to try so soon is a sure fail. I would like to see a return of The Riddler, he was set to be in Nolan’s third film but he convinced the studio to change their mind and use Bane.

3. Feature Robin. I know, everybody hates him – no, shut up, that simply is not true. Batman comics didn’t last a year without The Boy Wonder and they’ve now spent over 70 years together. Treated well this character brings another dimension that I want brought to the table. Joseph Gordon-Levitt should not be the next Batman and should not play Robin in a separate film, just saying, he is already a killer (Batman can’t be a killer) and he would just be a terrible cast all round.

2. Superman appearance. Batman’s closest friend, Alfred is more a father, is Superman. They play a big part in each other’s lives and it would serve as a good way to ease Batman’s ultra-real world in to the fantastical one of Justice League. Maybe a Marvel-esque diddy to end the film?

1. Kill Batman. That’s right. I long for the day a director / writer / studio comes along with a pair of testicals polished enough to slay the hero. I’m not asking for world destruction, but even the comics kill their prized possessions. Maybe even Robin could fill the shoes of a dead Batman? Put the effort in and Batman’s death could be kept under wraps until the premiere, the reaction would be unlike anything seen. My one gripe with Nolan’s ending to the trilogy is that they went the route of a Disney happily ever after ending. All this talk of the ultimate sacrifice and he ends up married and all well, if killing him was a step too far it should have at least been left open ended.

Good luck to the brave bunch signing up to the reboot, you have your work cut out for you.

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