The Prey


Directed by Eric Valette – Written by Laurent Turner and Luc Bossi

Starring: Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Stéphane Debac and Sergi López

Off to France anyone? Always a good destination for a cinema lover.

This is definitely one for the action fans out there. Take a few characters who can survive and do only just slightly implausible things and make them a badass, then take those characters and throw them in to one adrenalin pumping thriller that can not stop running for its life.

Dupontel puts in one seriously intense performance, bravo, but then he’s not a French star for no reason. His cat and mouse play between both the police and the suspected serial killer threatening his family keeps the film away from being one dimensional, the script is pretty solid behind this, and keeps things tense in multiple directions.

Casting is fantastic, all pull their weight well and hold their own. Debac deserving a special mention.

Ignore the plot holes people, yes he gets shot and carries on and all that but this isn’t a film to challenge the intellectuals, this is a film to put hairs on your chest.

This rivals any of the blander action thrillers that are normally thrown our way. So be sure to catch this before they remake, and of course ruin, the film.

We’re obviously not breaking new grounds here, but as an out and out action film…


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