Exit Humanity


Directed by John Geddes – Written by John Geddes

Starring: Brian Cox and Mark Gibson

Yet another zombie film for the planet to consume, getting a bit bored of these now. People seem not to understand the concept of oversaturation. Being honest, it has reached a point where I see a zombie and the film instantly loses points, so they need to work pretty hard to get back in to favour.

We travel back in time, the American Civil War has just finished and now there is a deadly outbreak – zombies. Good idea, we’ve all seen present day treatments of the undead, pretty sure there are future treatments also? So this time we head backward, and I’m glad we do because previous attempts in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) and Undead or Alive (2007) etc have all been prKetty bad.

Semi-automatic rifles, bazookas, extreme explosives are all badass ways to stop the walking corpses but they definitely lack a certain sophisticated cool that comes with firing a Springfield rifle whilst donning a waist coat. Winning some points back.

A trend lately with the band of films a couple of steps down from blockbuster is a pleasant one, an excelling in the cinematography department. It seems at this level of the industry there is some serious talent behind the camera. The whole tone of the film is spot on, angles and movement great, composition very considered, it’s just another gorgeous film.

We basically follow a written journal which is being narrated – I actually quite liked the narration in this, definitely a one off there – and that’s the device used to move the story along. However, it also provides an opportunity to play around a bit in style and what they’ve done is throw in some animation. Much welcome I thought.
Story wise, this zombie flick actually has one, and it’s a good one at that. There are no real twists or turns but they’re not always needed <- Remember that any potential film makers out there. The story heads in a direction you expect it to, but in a solid and pleasing way. This is not a fault, in fact quite the opposite.

All acting performances are very good, including those of the zombies.
This is a great movie that has sadly gone under the radar, and you know why? This film isn’t about zombies, there just happen to be zombies in it.


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