Directed by David Cronenberg – Written by David Cronenberg and Don DeLillo

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon and Paul Giamatti

The newest offering from David Cronenberg, in which he takes the director role as well as writing the screenplay adapted from Don DeLillo’s novel. If you’re a Cronenberg fan you won’t be disappointed.

This is a film most cinema goers will find a struggle. Shame really, because it is brilliant. Nothing much at all happens in terms of action, it’s all about the dialogue; every single line has meaning in both what is being said and how it is being said. I love these type of films because that limited action becomes so much more explosive, think one of my favourites Funny Games (1997).

Cosmopolis (2012) is Cronenberg all over. His film becomes almost an essay rather than just 24 pictures next to each other every second. He explores today’s society and what’s to come, the problems in our system; exploring both the human mind and condition and how it seems we’re shifting toward a breaking point. In typical Cronenberg fashion it’s all very mental, expanding the psychology of an individual to critique the world they, and we, are in.

Considering the mess most of the planet is in due to the gallivanting 1%, this film could not be more suited to our times. It will take some serious thinking and various viewings before you fully understand what is being said. Cronenberg has stayed true to the dialogue in DeLillo’s book, a risk worth taking in my opinion. He knew this would exclude a wide section of the audience in that they simply won’t understand. But then film isn’t about making money.

I have to give Robert Pattinson a mention here, the acting chops on that guy in this piece are huge. Probably couldn’t be a better performance for that role.

Not wanting to give much away I shall it leave it there. Film making at it’s finest, a masterpiece and a definite edition to my DVD collection.


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