Men In Black III


Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld – Written by Ethan Cohen

Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement

I was looking forward to this when I saw the trailer; but stood there buying a ticket a thought crossed my mind, “Who was asking for this film to be made?” ‘Men in Black 2’ (2002), was terrible, and come to think of it, the original was nothing amazing either. Have we all looked back through our nostalgia glasses?

Let’s see the good points. Josh Brolin’s young Agent K is really funny, but we saw that in the trailer. Will Smith brings something appealing and charming to the table, but doesn’t he always? The time-jump makes a good sickening use of the 3D, but apart from that the 3D is as pointless as ever. The Andy Warhol impersonation is tickling, but doesn’t last long. You’ll enjoy the first act and a twist to finish, but everything in between is just lacking in all areas.

Here’s where it went wrong, in order to get TAX cuts on the film the decision was made to start shooting with the script nowhere near finished. This is unheard of, especially for a Hollywood blockbuster like this…Were they mad? It’s like trying to drive your car out of the factory with only a steering wheel and an exhaust pipe. Filming was started with the first act completed, hence it being the decent section of the film, then filming was stopped and then script was sent to the doctors. IMDB credits five writers, I can tell you there was more. This is a stupid way to go about things with any film, especially one based around a complicated time travel plot. This decision murdered the film.

People will see it, it’ll make a lot of money, they’ll say it’s great when in reality it wasn’t near worth the hundreds of millions spent on it. The film doesn’t feel like it’s been made with love, it feels like it’s jumped on the band wagon a bit. There is really not much to say… it is a let down.

Also… Anybody out there watch South Park? Those circular bikes will definitely bring a laugh if you do.


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