Iron Sky


Directed by Timo Vuorensola – Written by Michael Kalesniko

Starring: Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Gotz Otto and Udo Kier

Haha, I actually enjoyed this film. I was really not expecting to but it’s really good. We could have a bit of a cult hit on our hands with this one. Granted, I have quite a dark sense of humour, but you don’t need that for this to appeal to you.

So if you’ve not heard about this one, basically, in the final days of WWII the Nazi force build a giant space station on the Moon, in the shape of a swastika no less, and wait there until the Fourth Reich can return and continue in their attempt to conquer the planet. In classic B movie style the whole thing is a bit cheesy and the audience are bombarded with action, but then we all like a good B movie.

This is a Finnish / German / Australian collaboration, the German contribution being most note worthy for obvious reasons. The special effects are not the best, but when you see they were working with a budget of only 7.5million Euros you’re likely to be a very impressed with what they’ve managed to produce. Yes, the majority of the budget has clearly gone to the effects department to achieve what they have but to balance that, Timo Vuorensola, has drawn out some seriously above par performances from his cast.

‘Iron Sky’ 2012 is very much a film for a European audience, I imagine it will be absolutely hated by the Americans, they are targeted quite fiercely by the humour. Will also probably be hated by a few people over here as well, people are touchy and I’ve already heard of a few taking some serious offence – With his next film, ‘I Killed Adolf Hitler’, billed for 2014, I wouldn’t be shocked if he carries on offending the more soft skinned out there.

Another key selling point for this film is the amount of very clever and cutting satire they have worked in to the script. The dagger is not really aimed at the Nazi regime of nearly 70 years ago, rather it tackles more modern issues. It was even sold to Israel, which will tell you a thing or two. ‘Iron Sky’ without a doubt harks back to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr. Strangelove’ 1964, now I’m not saying this is as good as that but it comes closer than anybody would expect.

This is not a stand alone film, there are other gems out there emerging from Europe. Starting to raise questions about the industry, Hollywood is slowing down with less and less original ideas and worse and worse films despite the outrageous amount of money they’re pumping in. On the other hand, the rest of the world are still producing great films for a much shorter budget. We could be nearing a time the money is distributed more evenly and talent is put in charge of the film industry rather than producers only concerned with profits.

On a side note, I heard the director speak and he explained that this film at 7.5million Euros contains roughly the same amount of CGI shots as ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ 2011, which cost 195million Dollars. A pop at Michael Bay is always welcome here. Bravo.


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