Juan Of The Dead


Directed by Alejandro Brugués – Written by Alejandro Brugués

Starring: Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Jorge Molina, Andrea Duro and Andros Perugorria

Zombie action hasn’t successfully been mixed with political satire since George A. Romero started doing it and became the ‘Godfather of all Zombies’ back in 1968. This offering from Alejandro Brugues isn’t going to change that.

ALSO, as I’m sure you’ll notice I feel a need to clear things up when people have it wrong, the ‘of the dead’ is not in reference to the much loved ‘Shaun of the Dead’, they are both in reference to Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’. And again we can breath at the air being cleared.

What we have to remember is this, the sub-genre this film occupies has been near killed by the absolute flooding of these films we’ve had over the years. So that being said, ‘Juan of the Dead’ isn’t the best out there, not even top ten, but it is definitely a worthy attempt. Come on, how many Cuban zombie films have you seen lately?

So we’re introduced to some characters and there they are and a virus comes along causing zombies and what not but some survive and all that, pretty standard start to the film. But then our title role, Juan, sets himself up a pretty successful zombie extermination business – cue some enjoyment. The sequences this business leads on to are really rather enjoyable, will provide some serious laughs and are quite often actually very clever. It will feel as though Brugues is trying a little too hard to get the laughs in at times but it’s not to worry over.

The political fun pokings aren’t well stitched in to the film I feel. Comes across as a bit forced in, to the point of one of the big advertising strategies was letting everybody know that ’50 years after the triumph of the revolution, a new revolution is about to begin, a zombie revolution’. But put that aside and you have the beautiful Havana scenery, enough laughs to come away satisfied and all in all a pretty enjoyable film.

Do keep an eye out for that part with the truck, it’s so good you’ll probably start your own revolution in the cinema to make them rewind the film. In fact get in touch so we can have a chat about it.

Happy fiesta, everybody.


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